The John F. Nagel Foundation was formed in 1989 by Mildred Nagel to honor the memory of her late husband John F. Nagel and son Jack Nagel.  They were the son and grandson of Nagel Beverage founder John Henry Nagel.

Nagel family members contributed to the foundation over time, and the foundation grew as did the grants to the community.  In 1997, the foundation granted $250,000 to 17 community organizations for the year.  That increased to over $500,000 in grants in 2003, and reached $1 million  in annual grants by 2007.

Changing trends in the beverage business led to the sale of Nagel Beverage Company in 2009.  At this time, Vance Miller, CEO of Nagel Beverage Company made a promise to Anne Nagel that he would continue with the family and maintain the leadership role with the John F. Nagel Foundation.  He continues to serve as The John F. Nagel Foundation President.

The foundation office was moved to Eagle, Idaho.  At this time, former Nagel  Beverage Company manager Curt Goldgrabe was hired as the executive director of The John F. Nagel Foundation and is the foundation Secretary.  Ryan Fornstrom was hired from Little Morris CPAs and is the foundation Vice President.